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 Centro de Estudios e Investigación de Medicina y Arte. Esquizoanalisis. Rosario. Argentina (1989)

 Deleuze Studies Conference
8-10 July 2013, Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon, Portugal
Territory and artistic creation
Title: Medicine and Art: poetize and anticipate a performer’s health
Name: Stella Maris Angel Villegas
Institution: Studies and Research  in Medicine and Art. Schizoanalysis Practice. Territory of Performance Practices.
Contact: medicinayarte@hotmail.com
Campus: www.medicinayarte.com
                Rosario. Argentina

How can Deleuze’s trend of thought be analysed so as not to talk about the author or the interpretations?
Medicine and Art modulates rules, formulae and techniques for a prospective transductive performer. 
 Activity of health simulation that encompasses disease with contributions from models in Physics, Mathematics, Painting and Technology.
It deals with concepts deterritorized from the disciplines belonging to Sciences and Arts.
The stress in the activity of the science of evolution lies on the differential transformation or the science of evolution in the process itself.
 The transformation task in medicine and art consists in changing from the dot to the line, the stone to the crystal, the self-portrait to the landscape and the synonym to the heteronym. The simulation of what did not exist before the form line, the form crystal and the form landscape as crossing operators isolates in cutting blocks and reopens universes.
The existing humans and non-humans in the policy of complexity that change in nature can endure changes in atmospheres and flows of mixtures
Transformations that flatten and incorporate new information, orders, ways of being or individuals organized according to emotional impacts or outbreaks.
Transformation Epistemology responds to the brain working order fatalist, metabalanced or of fake balance.

Poetizing is an activity of simulation that anticipates what is not possessed. Pretending to have what is not possessed is an anticipation strike. At molecular level it anticipates what has no extension and enables to see the meaning of the appearance of long range correlations in molecular terms, or sets of environments in the brain.
Heidegger states that poetizing is the most innocent of all occupations (1) technique of poetizing that involves science and art. Activity of poetizing individuals in the sense of poeisis, the Greek word for create. TTOIEW
Off-centred thinking belonging to the poet-physician-performer that anticipates and is distinguishable from the centred thinking belonging to the specialist that prevents and fails to anticipate universes.
It anticipates what modulates in its own direction, diagonal direction or detail rule that anticipates connections and isolates in blocks. Mutational environments, transposition relationships, transductive power.

Operation type. Map of the brain, plain and striated. Instance I. Organic striated brain. Instance II. Plain fractal brain – Rhizome.
Operation of fractal brain or ways to show the otherness.
In the brain map or immanence map all the lines and energetic quantas are involved. Lines on a map that can fail and differ from Plato’s truth diagram.
A line that diverts or escapes the frame is considered opinion. Either a diagonal line appears or a zone that encompasses or expresses multiplicities. The relationships or empowerment of the fractal lines, grafts that develop by themselves.
In the brain-bridge fractal something can develop chaotically, forms and functions that resolve by themselves in subterranean way, in zones of semi-darkness.Selfpoiesis or potential increase of subjectivity.Transport of bodies without organs, of powers not moulded by judgement,  layers of grafts casing, gradients, allies trespassing the limit. It contracts prothesis of bodies with displacements, variations in size and consistency in the distance that it involves.
Principle of multiplicity of the threshold that encompasses manners or subjects that compose the threshold  of the transformation or the political form of the graft.

Type of investimento
Poetizing technique
The poetizing technique is a way to show the otherness, the difference.
The referential for the technique of poetizing dots, stones and self-portraits is the concept of rhizome, with its principles of connection and  cartography.  
Investimento that poetizes as long as it is catalyst.   
Technique to poetize dot into line or empowerments far from balance instead of mental structure; technique to poetize stone into crystal or combinations of differences instead of frozen structures; technique to poetize synonym  into heteronym or repetition of the difference  instead of the same; technique to poetize self-portrait into landscape or emotional logic fractal.

Type of Territory.
Technique to poetize dot into line following the formula of the rhizome.
Close to certitude, far from balance.
Principles of connection and heterogeneity (1and 2), any point in the rhizome can be connected to any other and must be (2).
The concept of directional health, the “stretching towards” sends to the concept of deterritorialization by Kandinsky.
The dot or structural topic emits tension and must be directed, connected.
The connections are produced by processes of frequency and accumulation.
It can be done in infinite ways far from the balance of mental structure that is recognized by what is accomplished and fixed.
The dot is a blocked emotion, of low intensity and connection.
It is just tension or limit.
The line, rhizome of high intensity must be connected and cannot be otherwise.
The consistency of the dot is just tension.
Dot of strength of anxiety that possesses no direction. However, when the line that is neither above nor below, not right or left, suddenly breaks out, it leaps above. 
Tension of anxiety that rushes like whirlwhind on the surface and it grows violent and it scrolls in another direction.

Possibility to eliminate this centripetal tension from the dot or block it till dissolution.
A new element emerges in the territory.
Dawn of mutation with independent existence and special premises.
Territory of turbulence in quantum physics, register of interruption or change for new health processes.
It leaps, sings and dances. Positive experiences.
The experience of disease in me is the construction of a leap, a changing line as long as lived and heartfelt.
The concept of molecular health confirms  a trend of deterritorialization in Physics.

Prigogine provides thermodynamics, variations of strengths starting from the concept of zones of forking.
It is time that forks not space, this pattern in which segments of time approach, cross each other or ignore each other in terms of power of mutation. Baker’s Transformation, distant lines that approach, close lines that take distance.
Distance is a time section.
Each segment of time is the starting point for new cartographies of events that mute because of hybrid connection.
Complex vessel of lines that compose a cartography, medical histories signed by author, specialist medical doctor.
This cartography like in sailing provides orientation, lines affecting one another according to internal  and external coordinates modulating the  unlimited outside.
Desertic navigation lines that encompass multiplicity of healing exits rather than the single exit , like in fate.
The  state of non-balance, orientation, multiplicity of various lines, the  disparity in functions, the notion of problem scales, the movements of deterritorialization, the zigzagging paths make up the device for clinical cartography.
The poet –physician-performer maps the multiple lines, the striated and plain spaces, the leaps and mutations, the molecular memory.
Medical mapping like fractal device sometimes takes the shape of a flash of lightning, the second principle of thermodynamics or chaos.Light lines that are chaotic and bring about the notion of Cantor Dust.
On removing the middle segment of the line or medical diagnosis, the two other segments remain loose, free from decision, from desire, taking the shape of other strange constellations or bursts of individuality. Health exits.
The pure “Dasein” of the consultant-poet is a positive event in time-rhizome. Non-sequential time belonging to past, present and future.
The task is to poetize the structural point that indicates an active or passive, real or imaginary position; to experience the line; to get into improvisation; to exchange folds; to sensitize.

Technique  to poetize stone into crystal  according to the formula for the rhizome. Power to petrify and the brain as bridge-crystal.
Principle of multiplicity (3), a multiplicity has neither subject nor object, only determinations, sizes, dimensions that cannot increase without a change in nature.

Going through the passage to crystal; from the principle of conservation (stone) to the principle of chaos (crystal).
Life is independent  from its duration, life goes through the crystal that befalls.
Life is a disposition to tend towards the directional or health lines. Molecular health means managing differences, poetizing; practising  the hues in difference, giving shape to desire, decisions depending on each case in a Kairos time.
Directional or transversal health that is put into practice remarking more integrated levels or zones of desire.
Distances in zones of desire or science-art-philosophy desert.
 Distances in the brain operation that provoke changes in the nature of a hybrid term.
Distance that is a set of differences  ordered and encompassed one to the other in a system of crystal or bridges.
How does our brain striated/plain work when we feel blocked?
Is it a question of extracting-creating materials, affections and empowerments from the mental form stone?
If we think about  the image of stone brain as a brain stratum that is blocked, it works like a mirror.
The shapes of the stone are reflected in the mirror “Ego”.
The mental movement of identification with the same (belief-opinion) blocks and diminished the sensitivity on going through new and strange connections  on field of difference.
Affective asepsis that inhabits the mental stratum tree-shaped or stone.
The stone works like an oedipal structure with stressed movements of identification and recognition.
The mirror with no shapes by Lewis Carroll  enables everything to appear like the contrary or inverted on the surface but different in thickness (6).
The  outside that announces Carroll’s mirror. Multiple superimpositions of desiring bridges in the crystal. No power centres nor organs to be traced.
Another organization of grafts in the in-between of the brain that modulate transformations according to laws by thresholds.
Strengths from the outside roaming on the bridge with no direction.
At medical level the stones appear like obstructed circles, of low intensity.
Relationships that stretch in direction to anguish, that do not belong to what is collective. 
Strengths from chaos that are captured in the “ritornellos” of the same relationships.
Encompassing crystal directed towards the perception of lots of things at the same time.
Transformer that superimposes zones or flows that on composing other blocks of differences generate another crystal image.
Blocks of flows of reinforced concrete, of multiphonic differences that develop science-art-philosophy.
Putting together or assembling of perceptions according to the formula of multiplication of sensitivity.
Perception of what is unthought or transductive transformer in the passage of the brain zones.
Plain and striated brain that is not housed in the man as a twisted nature or a story that has stratified there; it would be in relation to the man, the Other, the Other fraternal and identical, born not from it but by it (…)the unthought(…) accompaniment that is deaf and uninterrupted(7).
Poetry of the crystal. Poetizing stones opens gusts of Otherness, of chance, of the unexpected. There are strengths that constitute microbrains or a non-organic life of things in everything.(8)

Crystal brain that poetically is a sthenosis, a divertion, a process of self-recovery.
Switching on or off the light, crystal event that draws a differential circle, marks a territory like a bird when it sings.
It half-opens the circle by a zone created by the light entrance. Zones that did not exist before.
Going towards the zones, joining other strengths. Active strengths that provide hospitality.

Technique to poetize synonym  into heteronym, according to the formula of the rhizome.
Principle of rupture, non-significant,  a rhizome can be broken, interrupted in any section, but it re-starts by this or that line or any others. (4)
Cartography is inventing names for the pain that would be a strength  that separates and unites.
‘What is pain?’, Heidegger asks.
Pain joins the rip caused by difference, mental stratum inventing real and unreal territories as long as real.Ontologic state that has no place, if searched for, has to be created.
The task to poetize synonyms into heteronyms supplies cutting practice and beginnings but neither starting points nor ending ones.It facilitates the operation in this or that line.
Position to cut heteronyms or differences implies cutting the environment in the brain or new rhythmic values, touch relations, involved distances.
It rescues and questions overcoding, the repetition of the same in the use of synonyms.
Poetizing gives way to creation, improvisation, other senses. It provokes other ways of  reading in the spread and transforms sense.
Technique to poetize self-portrait into landscape following the formula of the rhizome emotional logic fractal.
Principle of cartography and decalcomania (5 and 6), a rhizome does not conform to any model, structural or generative (5).  What is the side of the portrait, genetic or cellular?What is it escape? Is there an escape in the portrait?
Removal of the paint, the notion of portrait, deterritorizing the notion of landscape.
Increasing the subjective consistency in the portrait, category that makes movement difficult because of isolation or no-change.
And in the notion of landscape analyse the categories of environment. Poetry that is inhabited and brings changes in the air.
Experiences of construction and mutation that endure virus of immunological effects in every new organization or variables of desire.
Clinically moving from the isolated portrait to the variable of desire that is the landscape.
In the concept of  health subject, from the notion of portrait, the subject as far as family portrait,  is represented as historical being rather than as a being having an outburst.
The subject in the self-portrait reacts in relation to memory and amplified memories. He does not become, he isolates himself individually.
The subject in landscape is capable of becoming, increasing, diminishing, contracting memories that obstruct and hinder landscapes, enduring changes in relationships.
Categories of operations that confirm the composition of the context or air. Air that encompasses  atmospheric connections of collective consistency  and mood.
Lots of landscapes within a single immanent landscape. Unity and multiplicity in Manet’s “Lunch in the Countryside”, a naked woman and two men dressed up sharing an afternoon in the same bridge-park.
 Position of rupture in the memory portrait, becomes molecular memory, production of the subjectivity.
The landscape is not reduced to the man -human/non human- nor is there reduction of the being to the certitude or will of the modern subject.
 The notion of landscape is immanent to the concept of environment that is mutational. Permanent differentiation and integration that links the relationship between the being and the world.
It becomes landscape-world.
Picture reading of reality, neither pure interiority nor pure exteriority, just involved distances or desiring zones in the desert.
Event of poetizing and anticipating what did not exist before.
Transductors - allies -performers, physicians poets, referential context and a problem  encompassing Science, Philosophy and Art to enable another  reading approach of reality, other ways of thinking transindividually.

Policy of grafting the new compositions of enunciation: Medicine and Art.
Dating land.


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I, María Ester Valdés, sworn translator, attest that this is a true complete translation of a document which I have seen. Rosario, 18th June 2013.
Yo, María Ester Valdés, inscripta en la matrícula Nº 958/02, 2º Circunscripción, doy fe de que la presente es traducción fiel y completa de un original que tuve ante mí. Junio 18,2013.
Dejo constancia que la traducción se presente en este formato a solicitud de la interesada.


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