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 “An attempt to aesthetize the X. Time is one of the names the sustained inquiry has in the sensitive point of emptiness”. This quasi koan zen is signed by May Villegas and her students from Clínica de Pensamiento who have performed under her direction the multimedia work “Voluntad de Memoria”.

   Ph.D. Stella Maris Angel Villegas has been working in the psychoanalysis rip opened by Félix Guattari and Gilles Deleuze for years.

   She has written unpublished film scripts. Voluntad de Memoria consist, partly, of a poetic-graphic exhibit, photographs and texts that build up and dismount enigmatic, steady and visible film at La Muestra bar.

   The opening consisted of a series of acts by CLINICA de PENSAMIENTO at this venue. CLINICA de PENSAMIENTO this other ephemeral part of the work was recorded in a video, and that record, already edited, can be enjoyed at La Muestra today at 8:30 P.M.

The Arts and Philosophy Studies Center, created an directed by S.M.A.V, deals with last century inquiries, the cross thought and the transdisciplinary aesthetics (Today at La Muestra bar at 7:30 P.M.)



La Voluntad de Memoria.

Today at 9:30 P.M. at the Vites bookshop it continues the multimedia Work started by CLINICA de PENSAMIENTO, With May Villegas' direction, in LM bar, entitled Voluntad de Memoria. Poems and photos that one part of the work, and that accept the challenge of updating a silent movie aesthetics (“action-according to M.V - from other times”), can be seen at LM till September 13.

   In addition, in which the CP brings on to the Vites bookshop today converge performance and photo installation with the purpose of aesthetizing death, entitled Hospitalidad del Viento, for 3 years M.V and the CP have been working on the making of this work, were different practices and knowledge intercross in a transdisciplinary field, whose center in the philosophic action lived as an inquiry in the emptiness. From the “squizoanalysis” method by Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari, with a praxis that goes a cross and breaks ups categories as author, meaning and subject psychology, the C.P. proposes a machinery of subjectivity production. The multiple and deliberately discontinuous work, whose second part will be seen in the Vites bookshop, achieves something contiguous to conceptual art: overcome the frontier between art and life, and rebuild the intersubject dimension of thought.





  “(Thus), the atom field, in so many ways, looks like a viscous fluid, it doesn’t matter which direction it goes to, it always finds a force that goes against its movement, it is as if you were in a pool full of viscous gel, molasses or honey. Each time you tried to move you would feel that a force aces your movement, and due to these connections, this association to the viscosity idea.

When Steven Chu and his collegues, in the Bell Laboratories, first made this configuration of laser beams in 1985, they talked about optic molasses or about the optic trap just due to this viscous fluid similar to honey, and the atoms are in this viscous fluid. This is the sensation you have about this configuration of laser beams. […]”                                                                                           Dr. William D. Phillips.