IV- Territorio de Lobos


The triad Territorio de Lobos, a Poetic Graphic Exhibit, made up of Voluntad de Memoria, Hospitalidad del Viento and PolIticas de Zocalo, unfolds in two coordinates: one academic and the other artistic.

The academic line consists of the presentation of papers around the axis “Medicine and Art”, which was bordered by these panels:  

-   Clínica de Pensamiento:  rupture, action theater.
-   Poetic fractals: Lost Identity. Absences.
-   Scientific introduction to body freezing from a Medicine and Physics point of view.
-   Deleuzian machinery.
-   The virtuality and the simulacrum.
-   Rainer María Rilke’s book :Malte Laurids Brigge’s notebooks in resonance with Clínica de Pensamiento


The artistic coordinate consist of the Exhibits Voluntad de Memoria, Hospitalidad del Viento and PolIticas de Zocalo.

   VOLUNTAD de MEMORIA is an attempt to aesthetize the X. “X” is time, one of the names of the inquiry sustained in the sensitive point of emptiness.
   Machine of a non-sequential but ontologic construction of subjectivities through a silent movie aesthetics.
   Cinematographic and non-photographic memory that in the act of creating, recalls and forgets at the same time.

   Photographic memories, stones settled in the past.

   HOSPITALIDAD del VIENTO, photographic aesthetization of death, as an ethical political fold. The gel works as an expressive plastic freezing matter in a structure that does not fit with the time-space conventional parameters.
   For this case it has been created a complex glass structure that has something of the three paradigms-functional objects: stretcher-table-window.
   Odd object containing gel. Frozen photographs of human bodies’ parts, non-historical, motionless in cold.
   The temperature, the light, the images contract the space, that is the installation. Thus, space=installation remains virtual zero absolute or gel (representative element).
   Identity fallen from a health record, aesthetics of the emptiness, inquiries of freezing.      

   Nothingness is not absolute nothingness yet but nameless corpses swimming in gel.

   POLITICAS de ZOCALO: massmediatic is an expression of the emergency of an another brain functioning: the drifting. Senseless logic.


                                                                             MA Stella Maris Angel Villegas




* Molasses: This object was mentioned by Professor Villegas prior to the Conference held by Dr William D. Phillips, Nobel Prize in Physics, 1997.