II - Ontology and the Work of Art



    Voluntad de Fotografía

   The signifier as machinery of freezing.


   Starting from the action, from what occurs there regardless of the cause as a basics or platonic axis.    Fields of actions creating their own selves in the absence of a known point of origin. We call this point sensitive point because it does not pre-existing rationally. Therefore, we see photography as Voluntad de Fotografía and not as voluntary or ruled photographs. Although being crossed by an irrational logical narrative line.   

Abstract lines that are far from representing reality exactly as we see it according to the Cartesian model.

   It is the thought of immanence, the real including the unreal, and overflows in the photographic creation act. Therefore, there would be neither a photographing subject  nor a photographed object, but a work that sustains itself open to the entire multiplicity of possible readings.

   What is this?, we say. What makes (us) feel for itself and not in itself.

   The event is the subject of the photographic exhibit and the action is the face of desire. We call this desiring machines.

   Multiple, transdisciplinary aesthetics. Art without a subject.