I- Schizoanalysis devices

Cross reading of psychoanalysis


Roads and not systems.
Transparencies and not mirrors.
Voluntad de Memoria.


   The rip in the way of psychoanalysis is produced by Félix Guattari and Gilles Deleuze. It is called schizoanalysis, wolves’ territory, desiring machines that transmute the cogito ego identity in a becoming schizo . Clinical praxis. Radical setting in which no body remains free of an effective transgression; the spatial hierarchies become anarchic, and the speech  no longer shapes the metrics of a structural unconscious.

   When this happens, the gift of an happening; “language is taken to its boundaries, to music and silence”.

   Schizoanalysis is a thought of immanence, overflowing production of the real and no longer an oedipal triangulation of an expressive unconscious. The speed disarranges the dot into line and the couch becomes a box of tools, a direct engraving in the body of the real.

   Then the Schizoanalysis abstract machinery becomes an operator of disjunctive synthesis, inhabiting with intensities a flesh always regained.   

   Thought cases. Becoming cases of abstract blood. Scaffolding of fleeting lines in immediate connection with the outside. The outside of the inside, rhizomatic paradoxes, transversal that dwell in the desertic zones of desire. That “no place” o place created neither above nor below but on the wind’s surface that offers it its hospitality.